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Sunday, June 26, 2005

strike a chord

Students all over seem to undergo some sort of forlorn transformation when writing. Perhaps the idea of ending ones research strikes a spot tender in all researchers? Maybe it’s the daunting task of publishing ones work to be scrutinised by the rest of academia. My friend sarahH dropped me this email:

Hi Izzy,

When I was doing my honours dissertation, some of us wrote some poetry about it. I've got it up on my blog, and I thought maybe it would strike a chord with you in your masters procrastination efforts :-)




I think sarahH captured the sentiment of all research students with these little verses:

I feel I have progress at last
14 thousand words have now passed
I’m sure feeling studious
but the quality’s dubious
I fear its a mere bunch of ass
– Sarah (20th Nov)
I’m on my own, all alone
others playing in the sun
wanna stop, but dare not
I just wanna get this done
– Sarah (24th Nov)

Maybe it is not the thought of parting with ones work that weighs heavy, possibly that majority of the work is conducted in the last few months of writing! Those after lunch siestas, those tangential experiments, those all night gaming sessions! Ah but if only for an extension of a few more weeks! Oh dear supervisor …


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