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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


As the time draws near, postGrads dwell further into procrastination. Some slither into reclusion whilst others find peculiar outlets of any sort. My mate sweetsweet scribes ...

izzy the warrior
He stood all alone in the rain
Battling the wind, trying to beat it
Deep down he knew he had already lost
But pride, his mistress, had her whip

It was easy to stand in the pouring rain
The rain did not judge like all others do
Just pelted him with drops that hid his tears
The rain as his comfort he cried freely

He was glad in life for his foes
Foes dont betray one like friends do
Yet knowing that to continue he must forgive
He cried, he knew he could never forget

Memories from yesterday haunted him today
Even in the present, he lived in the past
Each drop of rain a painful memory
Each tear drop, from the sorrow within

Like the rain and his loneliness was all he had left
Were they worth fighting on for ?
Deep down he knew, he had already lost
But pride, his mistress, had her whip.

"F@uk me, i need to be doin my PhD ..." -sweetsweet

rain of the past
The drops of water, a leaky shower faucet
the rain of the past, floods through the nite
each tear drop that silently creeps away
torrential wave of the ocean, at the doorstep

Good times i muse, star crossed lovers
an emotion that justifies feelings unknown
then reality creeps through the azure hue
the tear drops challenging the dam i hold

Was it pride, i wonder, my mistress evil
blind to the screams of a heart once broken
Or faith, promises divine made, unkempt
Justifying needs that never need be

the silence of the night, whispers you hear
the past that challenges the present you hold
A circle, the beginning lost in the past
No sign of a future yet to behold

"one last one for u izzy .."
"called storm" - sweetsweet
A harsh word, a cruel thought
That brought back those lost memories
of handsome princes and beautiful princesses
of dark castles and worlds of magic
how if he shut his eyes
drowned the voices in his head
he would escape to a realm unknown
strong in the belief that all would be right
But young, he was not anymore
everafter, a world not real anymore
How he pleaded with the past to let go
But the past just held on to his pain
It seemed to feed on his want to live
His needs unfulfilled, he wanted to satisfy
A savage beast, till he was left no more
He wished tears would drive them away
Wash the ground from underneath them
But they pushed on, solid and unrelentless
How he wished those memories away
A harsh word, a cruel thought

sweetsweet, that's touching! Now get back to your typing! Ah well how about two more poems along the themes of "forsaken souls" and "derisory bodies".


  • Wha, im surprised that you are getting away with this title and its play on words. EeeeeeeWw so dirty you. Wait i take it back! hekekeke. Pretty witty.

    By Anonymous KitKat, at 2:33 pm, July 10, 2005  

  • Hey so when are you going to come by here? Remember ok we are getting into trouble ok. You deserve it - from whats been filtered down to me, uve been a hermit for a long while. Have you mastered 'academic casual' yet?

    By Anonymous kitkat, at 2:37 pm, July 10, 2005  

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