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Monday, May 09, 2005

starwars fest

"Lord Vader?"
"Yes Master?"
"Rise." - Palpatine, sw ep3 (2005)

"If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." - Obi'Wan Kenobi, sw ep4 (1977)

You have been enrolled in the following course: STARWARS for Dummies. I am validating that we have the required number of registrations to run this session. You will be notified via email prior to the session start date whether you have been confirmed as enrolled, or if the session has been cancelled.


Tuesday 10th May 2005 7.00pm: StarWars Episode IV "A NEW HOPE"

Wednesday 11th May 2005 7.00pm: StarWars Episode V "THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK"

Sunday 15th May 2005 4.00pm: StarWars Episode VI "THE RETURN OF THE JEDI"

Tuesday 17th MAY 2005 7.00pm: StarWars Episode I "THE PHANTOM MENACE"

Wednesday 18th MAY 2005 7.00pm: StarWars Episode II "THE ATTACK OF THE CLONES"

Wednesday 18th May 2005 9.30pm : StarWars CloneWars

You may pass this on to interested parties; both of the rebels and of the alliance. Ships maybe docked on docking bay ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha. All droids will have to be checked by the door. Lord Vader is due to attend the screening on the 19th.

may the force be with you
padawan izzy on behalf of
master AI (Starwars GURU)


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